St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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International outreach

Dominican Republic
Since 2006, St. Stephen’s parishioners have traveled to Azua in the Dominican Republic for annual medical missions, as well as other visits.  
A team of doctors, dentists and other health professionals and volunteers will leave for Azua on January 31. While in Azua they will treat patients from the church with whom we partner, as well as the larger community. You can support this mission with your prayers, and by providing toothbrushes, toothpaste (full-size tubes) and eyeglasses (readers).

Check back on this page for photos and descriptions of the trip.
In 2012, St. Stephen's youth began traveling to Azua as well. A video about a recent youth trip is here.
Photos of some past DR trips are available here.
We are exploring a new relationship in Brazil, where our missionaries there, Heidi Schmidt and Monica Vega, are working with local Episcopal/Anglican churches to revitalize our church's witness and presence in that country. They also work with the poor in Sao Paulo. Heidi and Monica visit us each year to tell us about their ministry. You can read about their work in the fall edition of Seasons of the Spirit (page 6).
A group at St. Stephen's has a Skype conversation with Heidi and Monica. Monica (in yellow shirt) visits people in the remote Mission District of Brazil.

Heidi (in orange jacket) listens to the poor who earn their living
as street vendors in Sao Paulo.
Although we contribute in many ways to the needs of our international mission partners, our priority has been and continues to be building relationships with the people in those communities through time spent together in fellowship, prayer, and worship.  Together, we discern God’s call for our joint friendships and ministries.
In addition to international trips, we travel regularly to New Orleans to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina, and to Crisfield, Maryland, to help those affected by Superstorm Sandy. You can read more about those trips here.