St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Monday, December 22, 2014
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Our Vestry

Democratic structures are an important part of governance in the Episcopal Church--including vestries. A vestry is a group of lay people elected by the parish to work with the rector to oversee the temporal health of their congregation. A new group of vestry members is elected at each Annual Congregational Meeting (in January), and all communicants of St. Stephen's are eligible to vote.
St. Stephen's is blessed with an active, working vestry made up of 18 dedicated parishioners who give generously of their time and talent. Our vestry includes people with a variety of skills and backgrounds, ages, and length of time as parishioners of St. Stephen's. Some are lifelong Episcopalians. Others are relatively new to the Episcopal Church.
The vestry of St. Stephen's Church meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month. Each meeting contains presentations about and discussion of various areas of parish life, and is attended by staff and clergy. Visitors are always welcome to attend any meeting, excepting, of course, executive sessions of the vestry.
To communicate with the vestry, you may contact any member individually by phone or in person, or send the senior warden an email.
Vestry nominations for 2015
Deadline to submit suggestions to nominating committee: October 15, 2014
St. Stephen’s vestry has appointed a nominating committee to nominate six parishioners to stand for election at the next annual parish meeting, to be held February 1, 2015. 

The three-year term of service for the six new vestry members will begin February 1 when the six members of the 2015 class complete their service. 
The nominating committee is composed of those six outgoing vestry members, as well as at-large members Mary Bacon, Steven Dalle Mura, Preston Gomer, Richard Kay and JG Wood.
The committee is chaired by Mary Anne Burke (phone 370.8480; email), and Allison Koschak serves as co-chair (phone 314.3510; email).
Please contact any member of the committee to recommend a parishioner for consideration no later than October 15.
Nominees should be:
qualified according to the Canons (a baptized member who is known to the treasurer);

should have demonstrated a level of commitment to St. Stephen’s which is appropriate to vestry service;

should have the ability to be a constructive and unifying influence even when working with those of different viewpoints;

and should not be the spouse, sibling, parent or child of a member of the nominating committee, nor have served on St. Stephen’s vestry for at least three years.
Current vestry members
Term Expires 2/2015
Robert Allen
Gussie Bannard
Carol Dickinson
Allen Goolsby
Allison Koschak
Christopher Oakey
Term Expires 2/2016
Lucy Ackerly
Roger Boeve
Bruce Evans
Jay Moore
Donnan O'Keefe
Earl Roney
Term Expires 2/1017
Kathryn Angus
Beth Brubaker
John Crowder
Debbie Dunlap
Mac Hines
Mike Locher
Treasurer: Bill Mears
Duties of the Vestry
In cooperation with the Clergy, the vestry:
  • Promotes the spiritual welfare of the parish;
  • Supports the programs of the church;
  • Manages parish property and its financial resources:
  • Reports to the Bishop on the state of the parish;
  • Certifies candidates from the parish for ordination.
The Vestry elects
  • The Rector;
  • The Wardens, Registrar, and Treasurer;
  • Delegates to Diocesan Council;
  • Delegates to Region 12 Council (the churches in Western Richmond);
  • Superintendent of Sunday Church School;
  • Trustees of church property;
  • Representatives to various related boards (e.g., St. Stephen's Preschool);
  • Members of regular and special committees
The duties of the vestry, and their election, are discussed in the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

Lay Delegates to Annual Council (January 2014) 
Gussie Bannard
Mary Anne Burke
Mark Burnett
Richard Clary
Carter Doswell
Allison Koschak
Bill Mears
Taylor Raquet
Earl Roney
JG Wood