St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Our Staff

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The staff of St. Stephen's Church is here to serve you and we hope you will feel free to contact us. You may reach a staff member by email by clicking on the person's name, or by calling 804.288.2867.

Full and part-time lay staff

(To reach a staff member by email, click on his or her name. Some staff who are part time or whose work does not involve using a computer do not have church email addresses.)

Janet Allen
Associate for Membership & Operations
extension 305
Stan Barnett
Coordinator of Kitchen Ministries
extension 320
  Sarah Bartenstein
Director of Communications
extension 346
  Marion Chenault
Director, St. Stephen's Preschool
  Donald Clements Sexton
  Kyle Dosier Sexton
  Melissa Hipes
Financial Administrator
extension 310
  Peter Hopkins
Director of Music
extension 304
Greta Kidd Wedding Coordinator
  Deb Lawrence
Director of Outreach
extension 329
  Betsy Lee
Office Manager, Pastoral Care Assistant
extension 300
  Becky Lehman
Administrative Assistant for Hospitality and Communications
extension 338
Jan Locher Lead Catechist, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Christi McFadden Finance Assistant
  Ben Nelson Sexton
  Sun Ho Nuon Sexton
Matthew Oltmann Sexton
Paige Reisenfeld
Music Administrator
extension 337
  Kate Ruby Farmers Market Manager 
  Steven Simon
Facilities Manager
extension 321
Wei-Li Suen  Palmer Hall pianist
  Michael Sweeney
Director of Family Ministries
extension 303

Other telephone numbers:
Emergency (after hours) number: 804.254.0511
May Fair House: 804.282.3004 (open September-May)
St. Stephen's Preschool: 804.288.6401 (Marion Chenault, Director)