St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Hurricane Sandy

On Sunday, December 16, our young adult team reported on their work in New York following Hurricane Sandy, and presented this video.
Hurricane Sandy was a large, complex storm that swept through the Caribbean on October 25 before heading north along the eastern coast of the United States and making landfall in central New Jersey on October 29. The storm caused significant damage as well as loss of life, and many areas have experienced record flooding and power outages. Relief efforts have been complicated by a Northeaster that hit the area a week later.
Episcopal Relief and Development has reached out to partners in the Caribbean and along the US East Coast, and St. Stephen's is also mounting efforts to help.
Please continue to pray for all those who affected by the storm, and read about our involvement, below
Photos: Fourth and fifth graders assemble bags for children affected by the storm. Our young adult team prepares to leave St. Stephen's on November 15. Colin Billings sorts supplies in New York.
The group (Anna Humphries, Evan Williams, Michael Sweeney, Evangeline and Beverly (members of the Women's Press Collective and organizers of the distribution center at Coney Island's Surfside Gardens Housing Authority), Colin Billings, Briget Ganske and Abigail Whorley. 
Our response to the storm
St. Stephen's is sending financial donations through ER-D, as well as working with sister churches in the affected areas. Our facilities manager, Steve Simon--who has family in the affected area--as well as several young adults from St. Stephen's have now been to the area, delivering supplies and helping with clean-up.
The planning team has included Abigail Whorley, our Director of Children's Ministries, Michael Sweeney, Director of Youth Ministries, Matt Johnson and Leigh Preston, associate rectors, and Colin Billings, a student at the University of Richmond and an intern in our youth ministry program. In October, Steve, Abigail, Michael and Colin went to New York and New Jersey, joined by Briget Ganske, Anna Humphries and Evan Williams.
They will report on their work and what the future of our involvement can be, during a presentation in the Rector's Forum on Sunday, December 16, 10:10 a.m. No registration is needed.
We have been informed by those in the affected areas that supplies are no longer needed and cannot be accepted. Storage is a problem since so many people have been driven out of their homes.
You can still help.
Financial contributions can still be made. You may send or bring a check to the parish office, payable to St. Stephen's, and write in the memo line "Hurricane Sandy." Or, you may donate online.
If you'd like to be involved in future efforts, please be in touch with any member of the young adult team; all are available at 804-288-2867.
Please pray for all affected by this storm and its aftermath.
Come to the Rector's Forum on December 16.
Many thanks to all who supported the first trip with donations of supplies, money and time, including fourth and fifth graders who made kid bags for youngsters in the affected areas, and the youth of St. Stephen’s and St. Paul’s who played an Ultimate Frisbee game on Sunday, November 18, with proceeds from the sale of food going to relief efforts.

Just for is how the youth of St. Stephen's and St. Paul's are preparing for the Ultimate Frisbee match-up that is now a benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief: