St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Pastoral Care Volunteers

Lay Pastoral Care Volunteers
Throughout the year, we at St. Stephen’s care for each other in many ways.  If you are interested in participating in pastoral care ministries,  please consider the following opportunities:
-Participating in a pastoral care team.  Each of four teams meets monthly, and team members tend fellow parishioners through visits, phone calls, notes, seasonal remembrances, and other expressions of pastoral care.
-Serving as a Eucharistic Visitor.  Each Sunday, we send parishioners to share Communion with fellow parishioners who, for various reasons, cannot be in church.  Eucharistic Visitors discern a call to this ministry of pastoral and sacramental care and generally undergo training as chalice bearers as well as Eucharistic Visitors.
-Making casseroles or baking cookies and delivering them to parishioners.  Whether homebound permanently or temporarily, many of our parishioners greatly appreciate the comfort of a home-cooked meal or treat.
Contact Weezie Blanchard for more information.