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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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National outreach

National outreach  
Hurricane Relief trips. St. Stephen's has been sending several teams to the Gulf Coast region each year since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. The next trip takes place February 23-March 1, 2014. To participate in this trip or a future one,  please contact Deb Lawrence for more information. 
We are also involved in relief work on behalf of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Last year after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast, a group of our young adults traveled to New Jersey to help with cleanup and other assistance for those affected. St. Stephen’s Hurricane Sandy relief will continue, this time with a trip that will be a shorter drive and which is open to adults of all ages. Crisfield, Maryland has been largely overlooked during relief efforts, even though the community was particularly hard-hit. More than 600 homes remain uninhabitable. We sent a team to Crisfield last fall, and will send a group May 13-16, 2014.
Would you like to help, or to learn more? Please be in touch with Deb Lawrence.
In either case, you can participate even if you are not able to be there for the entire duration of the mission.
Fall 2012 trip to Crisfield
Mission team members Beth Brubaker, Earl Roney, David Satterfield, Janie Satterfield, and Whit Sheppard spent several days working in the Gentilly area of New Orleans. For two days, their work centered on a kitchen where they removed the concrete floor down to the ground. This will allow a new concrete base to be poured which will be level so that flooring can be installed. The original floor was damaged during a failed restoration attempt. The homeowner lives on the second floor but has no kitchen in which to prepare meals. Later in the week, the team worked on another home in the Gentilly area, building concrete piers for a porch, installing ceiling light fixtures, preparing cut-throughs for ventilation paths, and organizing materials recycled from houses that were torn down. Finally, the team headed to Braitwaite in Plaquemines Parish, a community devastated by Hurricane Isaac at the end of August, to gut a house.
(left to right) Janie, Beth, Whit (behind), David (front), Earl
photos by Janie Satterfield
Information: Deb Lawrence (288-2867)