St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Friday, February 12, 2016
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Farmers Market Merchandise

Are you a fan of the Farmers Market @ St. Stephen's? Show your support by purchasing a Farmers Market cap, bumper sticker, or tote bag! These items are available for purchase each Saturday at the market, and in the parish office during the week.
 Farmers Market mugs: $18 
Thank you so much for our gifts of the red and yellow coffee mugs.  We LOVE them and although we have a dozen others, we keep cleaning our Farmers  Market  mugs each morning to enjoy them again!  He loves his red one and the yellow is so bright and cheery for me.                                                                                                      They’re the only ones we own that keep the coffee  piping                                                                             hot!
-From a couple who regularly attend the Market and each recently received a mug as a gift. 
  Two-toned cap: $18 
   Khaki cap: $18 
          Bumper sticker: $1  
   Tote bag: $10