St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Thursday, February 11, 2016
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St. Stephen's in the News

St. Stephen's is engaged in the larger church, in the local community and throughout the world. Our ministries are often mentioned in the news. Below are links to some of the stories about St. Stephen's that have appeared in the news media. If you read about St. Stephen's in a publication, we'd love to know about it; please send us an email.
Silent Nights: STYLE Weekly, December 23, 2014; a story by Paul Spencer about alternative offerings at some local churches
Compline at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church: Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 22, 2014: a photo essay and video by Alexa Welch Edlund
Muslim students help stock food pantry at Episcopal Church: The Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 19, 2013: a story by Zachary Reid and photos by Joe Mahoney
Transforming Communities: from the Web site of Salva Terra Vision, May 6, 2013
Lessons to be learned from Boston tragedy: The Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 28, 2013: a column by Bill Sachs on the Boston Marathon bombing (related: 'Look for the helpers' on the Rector's page)
Can negotiated education save Pakistan? The Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 24, 2013: a column written by Bill Sachs and Buck Blanchard about their recent trip to one of the most dangerous places on earth
Faith-based school lifts hopes for students with limited resources, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, September 16, 2012; Bill Lohmann writes about Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School, founded in part by St. Stephen's
Pilgrim's Progress in the Beloved Country, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 15, 2012; Todd Culbertson writes about his pilgrimage to South Africa and St. Stephen's relationships there.
More a Journey than a Mission, The Virginia Episcopalian Winter 2012 edition, page 21, includes the work of St. Stephen's missionaries in South Africa.
Fresh for All, by Katherine Houstoun on, describes the efforts to provide fresh food to those who come to our food pantry for help.
Options keep growing at local farmers markets, by Michelle Sharp, Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 5, 2010
Making Community Happen Here, by the Rev. David T. Anderson, Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 4, 2009; a commentary on the "Hands Across Richmond" partnerships involving St. Stephen's, St. Peter's, Fairfield School and other partners
Farmers markets provide local produce, by Michelle Sharp, Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 6, 2009, a sidebar on local farmers markets