St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Saturday, April 18, 2015
There's a place for you here.

Volunteer in Richmond's East End

Many volunteer opportunities exist with two of our partners in the East End; Fairfield Court Elementary School and the Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC). Presently, we are in need of the following:
If you want to work directly with children in an academic setting, being a classroom assistant or individual tutor might be for you. A classroom assistant works directly with the teacher and students in the classroom, providing aid to the teacher and children as directed. For example, the volunteer may work with a group of students on an assignment while the teacher works with another group of students. The classroom assistant acts as an additional set of hands for the teacher. Tutors usually are assigned one or two children that need extra help in a particular area or subject. A tutor may work with the same student throughout the school year or a number of students. A classroom assistant is assigned to the same teacher and classroom for the school year. Both classroom assistants and tutors are needed at Fairfield School. Tutoring opportunities are available at PPDC.
Mentoring is an important part of St. Stephen’s work in the East End. The lunch buddy program at Fairfield Court Elementary School is a popular example of how a volunteer can mentor a child. The “lunch buddy volunteer” is matched with a student at the school and meets with that child at least twice a month during the student’s lunch time. The role of the lunch buddy is to be a friend to the student and a positive influence, through spending time talking and getting to know each other. The volunteer can request the age and grade level of a child they would like to work with as well as their preference for a boy or girl. The lunch buddy program is flexible-- volunteers can meet with their buddy any day of the week during the student’s lunch period. 
To sign up for either of these opportunities, contact Deb Lawrence.